Thanks for this! I love it. A few thoughts:
Conrad Shaw

All good points.

  • Weekly or biweekly would be better than monthly for payment intervals. The frictional costs should be minimal to non-existent (though, actually I do think there should be some kind of public banking system that allows anyone to get a bare bones checking account).
  • There is a percolating debate about what to do with non-citizens within UBI circles. I’m ultimately open to something where they work their way into the system, but for now, I’m keeping my support in the full-inclusion camp for long-term residents.
  • I am concerned with there being enough legitimate work to go around. Right now, my sense is that there is plenty, and once we got set up, that wouldn’t be a huge issue. But in perpetuity…that gets trickier. I’m open to sending people overseas to build houses, dig wells, etc. Maybe we can still say that’s in the national interest if it improves our international relations.
  • I hadn’t thought about people who want to stay on after two years. For now, I’ll keep it simple: they can be true volunteers or try to find someone to pay them (whether that’s a government or a company).
  • To your last point, people will eventually feel entitled to a UBI, but I doubt that happens right away. If this starts as a parenting fund, I doubt most adults would feel cheated, and if this starts as a public works program, I don’t see people immediately demanding unconditional money. The labeling probably matters a lot here.