Hmm! This is A Life of A Plumber

One the most cosmopolitan cities you can find in entire America is the city of Boston. If you want to live and work in a city, it is indeed the right place for it. All modern facilities that you can ask for in a big metro are provided by the city. Roads, trains, and airports for the general public are available giving the city excellent connectivity.

Boston was the place where I spent my entire childhood. In our neighborhood, there was a community school where I studied. My mother decided to enroll me in that school since she was teaching in the same school. She somehow wanted that I never go away from her and always be near to her.

Life become hell if plumber is not there in time

Once I finished my schooling, I decided to go to college to pursue my further studies. I wanted to study plumbing because since my childhood I was captivated with pipes and tubes. I even used to fix small plumbing problems myself that we had to face occasionally in our kitchen.

Hence, I enrolled for a plumbing course in a training institute that was located ten miles away from my home. I used to daily take a train to my institute in the morning and after taking my class return back in the evening.

The tools and equipment used in plumbing included Elbow, Street Elbow, Tee, Cross, Cap, Plug, Nipple, Closet flange, Clean-outs, Trap primers, Combo-Tee, Sanitary Tee, Double Sanitary Tee Sanitary Cross, and Wye. I learned about all these tools and types of equipment in the training institute.

Plumbing techniques can be used in various areas such as potable cold and hot water supply, Traps, drains, and vents, Septic Systems, Rainwater, surface, and subsurface water drainage, and Fuel gas piping.

The duration of the training was for one year and I completed the course with flying colors. I joined a local plumbing company as an apprentice and started learning the skills of the trade along with a bunch of experienced plumbers. They taught me a lot of things that one would never learn in any training institute in the world.

I am skilled enough to work independently as an accomplished plumber after all these years of working and learning. Therefore, as quickly as possible, to the local residents of my neighborhood, my newly opened plumbing company started offering plumbing services and solutions. Even though I have to work hard, working as a plumber is what I enjoy the most.

A story of my friend to make you enthusiast.