Is CrowdIF scam or legit? Can anybody say something regarding CrowdIF?

Frieds, How to Identify a Legal Business Plan? Is not that enough, our investment is safe with any-time withdrawal option?

As you all know, we launched CrowdIF's full-featured futuristic trading platform on July 30; and the initial response to the platform has been phenomenal to say the least.

We thank you all for the explosive start to the platform. The early starters among the you are the ones who will benefit the most. And for those of you who haven't made a start yet, you're losing valuable time and profits, so start soon so you don't miss this fantastic opportunity.

For those who have started with C-CIP (CrowdIF-Collective Intelligence Program) with a 100 dollars or with C-PIP (CrowdIF-Portfolio Investment Program) with 250 dollars or more, many congratulations to you! You will soon be recieving your first set of questionnaires starting early next week. For you especially, there is also an opportunity, a chance to regularize your income.

This is because the C-PRP (CrowdIF-Portfolio Referral Program) doesn't pay you just once, but rather, it keeps paying you over and over again. All you have to do to benefit from this is to build a team. Anytime anyone in your Layer-1 team gets Portfolio Income, you automatically get 25% Portfolio Referral on top of that, each time, every time.

And for those who haven't started yet, this is the gist:

- By investing 100 dollars, you start receiving around 40 dollars per month by sharing your intelligence!
- By investing an additional 250 dollars, you start receiving around 65 dollars of passive income per month!
- By sharing your referral link, you can take your income as high as you want. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Let's understand all the income streams in detail:

1. Referral Profit
The biggest power of CrowdIF platform is, of course the CROWD! The more people use the platform, the more intelligent it becomes. You will receive amazing 'Referral Profits' for bringing more users to the platform. It's easy to do. All you need to do is to share your referral link on your social media and other places on the internet. Here's how much you can earn:

Layer/Level-1 (Your immediate referrals): 10 USD
Layer-2: 5 USD
Layer-3: 4 USD
Layer-4: 3 USD
Layer-5: 2 USD

2. Intelligence Profit
High quality and quantity of data is the key to the best analysis. You can help CrowdIF in our data aggregation efforts and when you do so, you open another profit stream - the 'Intelligence Profit'! All you have to do is answer a couple of questionnaires every week. There are no wrong or right answers. You get paid 20-40% every month.

3. Portfolio Profit
Want to take advantage of the awesome technology that has been created at CrowdIF? That's possible, of course. CrowdIF can manage your trading portfolio using its revolutionary price prediction platform, for you too. You get an amazing return in the form of 'Portfolio Profit'.

You receive the portfolio profit on your investment. You can start your portfolio with 250 dollars and there's no lock in period on your investment amount. You can take your investment at any time as you like. Over here too, you get a 25-40% monthly return on your investment.

4. Portfolio Referral Profit
This is the most attractive income stream out of all. That's because this is pure passive and regular income. When users in your team build their own portfolios, they start receiving their own Portfolio's profit and on YOU receive another 25% referral benefit on THEIR portfolio profits every single day! This goes on as long as your team member maintains an active portfolio with CrowdIF.

With so many possibilities of profit open before you, it's YOU who just has to take action and avail them. Because remember:

Dreams don't fulfill themselves but if you put intent, action and passion towards them, they do come TRUE!

Have a great day