What’s Their Story?

Hey There Stranger,

In the vein of acknowledging our brief window to add value to one another let me get straight to the point.

I believe connecting consciously & creatively with life is fucking awesome!

However, since life is massive & I don’t wan’t to write out a book yet on this creative life, let’s start small. Let’s attempt to connect 2 strangers, you & I.

Now I could spew into the typical intro speal, “hello my name is (insert name here) & I work as (insert job here)” but that wouldn’t be conscious or creative. No. I’ll use a poem to kick start this whole awesome process & we’ll see how it affects you. Here goes.

I am 
bi-racially intertwined, constructive conflicted, and whimsical geeky.
I tell stories to clear toxic relationships, dis-identify failures, dissolve limiting beliefs, discovering a freaky
warm weary wisdom,
processes for parents, needy, for instinctually ingrained present 
cyclicaling current past stories 
 of anti-pragmatical future oppressions
 in a infinitely ever paradoxically hilarious story 
 dividing constructive 

If there’s a voice in your mind saying reading that was “waste of time”, thank it for sharing, and keep reading. This is the practice of conscious connection, not to let our poisonous thoughts deter us from the act of seeing beyond our initial judgements of someone.

Why am I committed to sharing this with you?

I believe a lot of the world is stuck on focusing on problems without realizing how this creates more of the same problem, a world lacking connection. This article is my first attempt of many to shift focus from the problematic dangers & failures of connection towards the benefits, focusing on personal responsibility, with patience, compassion & growth mindset.

What do I mean by “consciously connecting”?

Barring the random acts of aggression, consciously connecting is having the willingness to look inwards & take some if not all responsibility for the connections that take place in your life. This willingness to be more open to the unknown leads to more growth & peace, as continues to be case for a growing percentage of the world.

Instead of believing you have to start behaving like a monk to be “conscious”, start by asking “How open am I to looking like a fool?” Part of me feels foolish in leading my introduction like this, but I’m willing to let that go as I’m far more interested in the fact that I’m more interested in exploring what I don’t know. You.

Caught between romantic stories told to us by Hollywood & mind numbing tragedies of global terror that our major news sources diligently, decisively report back to us, I get why you’d choose not to buy into any romantic notion of uncertain exploration. I get that as a society we struggle to fundamentally accept an uncertain, amorphous versions of reality. I get that we enjoy making certain statements. Like that one. But perhaps it’s time to slow down & offer patience, curiosity, & compassion to ourselves so that we can offer it to others, instead of solidifying judgements. Instead of trying to be right, why not be curious, creative, &/or patient? Instead of arguing how wrong the idealists or pessimists are, why not stay open & curious?

In a world where everyone & everything seems to demand our immediate constant 24/7 attention I get how difficult this can be. I personally acknowledge the overwhelming need to filter out those we feel may waste our time or hurt us. And still I encourage us to expand. There is a part a part of our consciousness that is confused by the ever present need in society to immediately judge rather than lead with patience. Recognize the confusion & lead with patience. Hell, how can you be sure if you can trust me? Currently, you can’t, we’ve only just met, but if you’re curious, compassionate or patient, & as long as I keep up my presence, that can come in time. This shift in perspective takes no extra time, & will inevitably give you more room to authentically connect!

Find a way back towards curiosity. If in the 86,400 busy seconds we have in a day we can’t authentically connect curiously to someone or even connect to ourselves, what kind of life is that? I say it’s time to realign our priorities & our ability to curiously connect. What do I mean? Every time I go out into the world, waiting in line for a coffee, or riding the bus, I make it a priority to reach out to someone I don’t know. I always ask the stranger “What’s your story?”, which, nine times out of ten gets me a pretty confused look. But confusion is a great place to start because that means we are actually treading on new territory.

Yes, it is important to be pragmatic & protect our body, mind, & spirit. But let’s not limit our capacity to connect by instead making judgments based purely on prose, labels, & past images. Growth is possible. Lead from a balanced heart & mind. Ask more questions rather than leading with concrete assertions. Make decisions from an open, conscious, ever-evolving conversations where we let go of past stories & practice fully show up for one another.

You don’t have to agree but I invite you to stay curious.

Here for now, curiously, creatively, &


Owen H Thomas