Beware Of The Speed Police

If you are being given a speeding fine, you need to know that since April 24 of this year new fines were introduced by the Government.

Many of these penalties are handed out each year, but the new fines are much steeper than before. If you need any information on how to minimise the effect, you could approach Criminal Solicitors Feltham in the London area.

They were introduced barely a month after the new penalties for motorists who use their mobile phone whilst on the move. I suppose that the Government needs to make some money somewhere, although they say that they want to make motorists more aware of at what speed they are driving.

The new penalties are steep. Whereas the maximum penalty used to be £100 fine and three points on the licence, there are now three bands of severity of the offence.

Band A will give you as before, three points on your licence, but the fine is half of what you earn each week. If you happen to find yourself in band B you will gain four to six points and forfeit the whole of your wages for one week, plus a driving ban for up to four weeks.

Band C is the severest with a driving ban for up to eight weeks, six points on your licence and a fine of the whole of your salary for a week.

If your job depends on you keeping your licence you may want to approach lawyers to give you advice. If you are required to attend a police station, your solicitor will help you with interviews.

If you are facing proceedings because of dangerous or careless driving you could lose your liberty depending on the severity of the offence. In this case you will definitely need to take some legal advice.

Of course, if you find yourself on the wrong end of the law when you have been stopped driving whilst banned, you will definitely also need a lawyer.

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