Money For Unfair Dismissal

It happens frequently that a person is dismissed, or fired, illegally at work. And yet not everyone in that situation is aware they may be due some compensation.

In a delicious example of that, a woman fired incorrectly without warning, took her old employers to the employment tribunal and won considerable back-pay and damages. With that award she opened a rival business and soon became bigger than her old firm.

Employment law can be fairly tricky and if it does get as far as the employment tribunal a person should have a lawyer with them. The lawyer will have all the facts and a statement from the dismissed person.

Usually the individual will at one point be asked to read out their statement but all the rest of the day’s discussion will be between the tribunal board and lawyers representing both parties.

It’s not as formal as a court as we envisage a court to be and in most cases a decision is made the same day.

Unfortunately, apart from not being conversant with employment law, few people that have suddenly lost their regular income want to get involved with the legal service and costs.

After all, when there’s nothing coming in then there is no incentive to pay out. But fortunately, there are plenty of no win no fee employment solicitors that can be found on any high street throughout Britain.

A person that feels they may have been unfairly dismissed should go into their local solicitor’s office and ask to speak with someone concerned with employment law. It costs nothing to do this and if the solicitor agrees you have been unfairly dismissed they will not ask for any money.

Instead they are likely to offer a no win no fee arrangement that means they retain a percentage of the final award. If for any reason the case is lost, then the client cannot be billed.

So if you ever feel you were pushed out of work unfairly then just gather all the facts and get down to your high street solicitors.