Medium Post #4

Part 1:

I plan to cover how I and my fellow female classmates feel as a female student in 2016–17. The first topic I will cover will be how I feel as a female living in today’s society. Then, I will move onto how some of my classmates/friends feel or think about the situation. Next, I will go over what I think societies expectations are for women living today and define it. Lastly, I will say how my feelings of being a female in today’s world have changed after doing research, completing this project, and talking to friends.

I plan to interview some of my close friends. I will develop a set of five to seven questions and ask them each the same questions. I will interview up to three or four friends that are female. I may even interview one of my close male friends to see what his expectation is of a female. I feel like this would be a good twist because then I will have both gender perspectives in my story. I have not looked for any quotes yet but I know there are a ton of good ones out there on this topic. I will most likely look for quotes that are degrading to women so I can back them up and work against them.

One interesting data point that I have found is that research indicates that eating disorders are likely the result of genetics AND environmental factors. Some other ones include that studies show that attractive children are more popular with both classmates and teachers. Also, studies show that the “bias for beauty” operates in almost ALL social situations.


First: My personal feelings on being a woman living in today’s society. Show some pictures of myself etc.

Second: I will show an interview of three to four friends on how they feel about being a woman in today’s world. This portion will either have pictures of them or the actual recording of their interviews. Possible male interview included in this section.

Third: Next I will try to put into words some of the expectations today’s society has on women. I will find quotes on the internet to prove my point and show possible pictures form google.

Fourth: I will explain how after completing this project and doing additional research my attitude has change about being a woman living in today’s society. I will explain how my I feel now which will be completely different from the beginning of the story.

Part 2:

Photos for possible use:

Sources used:

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