My Digital Story Rough Cut
Elif Ersahin

Point: The point of Elif’s story was to explain her journey to college and how she is falling in love with the University.

Dramatic Question: I couldn’t pinpoint a dramatic question but I was still engaged in the story the whole time.

Emotion: I was emotionally engaged the whole time.

Voice: the pace, rhythm, and tone of your voice was good throughout your whole video which makes it more enjoyable to watch!

Soundtrack: Music helped to emphasize the excitement of your story! I really liked your choice! Maybe make it a little quieter if at all possible!

Economy: All images were included and I don’t think anything was missing!

Pacing: Pace of the story was good, I liked how you organized it!

Really loved your story! Cannot wait to watch your final digital story! It’s going to be great!

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