4 Online Business Ideas to Start Today

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People often think that they need an original idea to start a business but that’s just not true. I often hear people say once they think of something new, they’ll start a business and make millions. In most cases exisitng businesses are a combination of fulfilling a demand and improving an existing product or service.

Let’s look at some of the biggest and most popular businesses right now and see why they succeeded. Facebook was an improvement of Friendster and MySpace, Apple just released better and sexier products than their competitors and Dre Beats out branded Bose. When Facebook, Apple and Dre Beats launched, what they offered had been done before, they just did it better. Or think about using a new platform to replicate success, so for instance I’ve seen a successful fitness trainer use Instagram to build a business, think about using Snapchat instead.

So I’m not going to recommend to you that you take on companies of this size but I wanted to illustrate that waiting until you have an original idea is wasting your time. I’ve done some research and selected 4 online businesses for you that you can start today and are hot right now. (Some may require a small investment)

  1. Build a B2B app for the finance category
    The finance industry is hot right now and well behind in terms of technology. There are plenty of opportunities for you if you just think outside the box. Launching a B2C app is hard work and highly competitive, plus you’ll need many many downloads to make money. Consider a B2B app, think about building a stock market game and in it collect email addresses. With the email addresses you can create a newsletter and sell to them with products from clickbait, arrange affiliate deals with online brokers or offer trading courses. You will need to partner with as many people as possible but if you can show the online brokers you have a new method to provide leads to them, I promise they’ll be interested. Look at some app templates here to get you started http://www.chupamobile.com

2) Yoga

Everyone I know right now is starting a Yoga business, it’s the trending freelance lifestyle. I recommend you look at what you can sell to the yoga teachers who can then promote the product to their classes. Cut the teacher into the profits so for instance if you’re selling a product at $10, the teacher might be offered $2 commission for every item they sell. you’ll need to work out your maths!

A couple of products that you might look at selling include mats and weights. Get in contact with a Yoga teacher and ask them what they find the biggest challenge to buy or find and then search for a solution that will make a good margin. This one is definitely on trend right now!

3) Jewellery

An item that is always going to be in high demand and a business I have seen built many times, for many years. Start by selling on Ebay so that once you have demonstrated people like your particular style or brand, move across to your own website. Your target demographic are active on social media so you’ll need to contact influencers to offer them your products for free and ask they share your company name with their audience, tag you in the Twitter/ Instagram post and use the hashtag you request. You could replicate this style of marketing with all kinds of products, another good one would be health and fitness items. The key is to keep emailing influencers and have a good product too!

4) Phone accessories

The highest selling company on Ebay who make $2 million a month is a company that deals with phone accessories. These have been popular items to sell for a long time so you’ll need to think about what you’re going to sell that’s different and how you’re going to sell it. Can you find a cheap light weight battery pack (I love Snapchat but it kills my battery!) that looks great? Think Dr Beats, it doesn’t need to be the best but if it’s not, it’s got to look amazing. Could you use a platform to sell outside of Ebay, maybe Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram? There’s still a huge opportunity here and I recommend you take a look

I hope one of these suggestions might appeal to you. If you have any questions get in contact on Snapchat

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