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The release and rise of ghostcodes (CLICK HERE) has demonstrated an intersting flaw in Snapchat and a demand from it’s users….people really want to find new and cool profiles to add on Snapchat, which they can’t currently do in the app.

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I’ve seen numerous ‘influencers’ snap about ghostcodes to ask their audience to like their profile and it’s interesting that they’re attaching so much significance to the new discovery tool. There’s two sides to ghostcodes in my mind 1) that the snapper wants to expand their audeince and 2) people are looking for new interesting people to follow. It’s nothing new but it shows that Snapchat is currently very limited in offering suggestions and discovery methods to find the best snapchatters.

I’ve had to grow my Snapchat followers largely through other social media networks, notably Instagram and Twitter. It doesn’t really make sense that I have to go to another social network to populate the profile I want to use more frequently in another app. Nor does it make sense for Snapchat to not recommend a curated list so that you’ll view more snaps, more videos and lets be honest, see more ads.

I think ghostcodes is a great tool to find new people and I have noticed a new source of traffic and received numerous messages from people who have reached out from ghostcodes. Sadly however, I don’t think it will be long until Snapchat implement their own discovery tool and ghostcodes will become face the challenge of remaining a required app, think foursquare or meerkat that have been eclipsed now their functionality is offered by the larger social networks.

For me the most interesting aspect has been that there is clearly a desire for Snapchat users to find new snappers to follow. People really want to expand their list of connections which must be very reassuring for Snapchat!

How do you find new Snapchat friends to follow and do you look for new people to follow?

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