How I reached 1 million app downloads and the 4 steps you can take

I wanted to share with you my secrets to hitting 1 million downloads and selling my most profitable apps. I am not a developer so don’t use lack of technical skills as a reason why you can’t release mobile apps. Here are the steps I recommend to getting started and creating successful apps

  1. Do your research

Don’t just assume your idea is going to be amazing when it came to you 5 seconds ago and you haven’t done any research or testing. Sure, every idea arrives in a sudden flash but you’re going to need to put time and effort into cultivating that idea and proving people want it. With every idea I have whether it be apps or web based I start here:

Google Tool Word Planner
Sensor Tower 
App Store

Enter your keywords here and see how many people are searching for the app you want to build and what the level of competitiveness is. Take a look at the app store every day for the next month and start to get a feel for the trends, the movers and shakers.Read the reviews and get an understanding why some apps are popular and the requests useers are making for extra functionality. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we need to make it better!

  1. Find a developer and designer

This can be a hard task and if learnt the hard way many times. Here are 4 recommendations I would suggest:

a) Ask all your friends and family whether they can make an introduction 
b) Use Upwork or Fiverr and post your job
c) Ask on social media for introductions
d) get in contact with me on Snapchat and I’ll try to help!

It will be very important that you set out your budget and stick to it. Don’t let a developer push you on your costs, it’s your money! Be aware though that quality will dictate price but there are lots of ways you can arange a deal witht he developer such as promosing to find new business for them, offering equity or paying in installments. Make sure you find the right person, a good developer will propel your chances of success.

  1. Think Lean

Don’t be trapped into thinking your app will only be successful if you have every feature you can imagine, that’s just not true. Build the functionality that is of the highest priority that doesn’t also break the bank. You need to test it as soon as possible and understand how people are using your app. My bet is that you’ll be surprised and your app will become something you had never imagined. Don’t waste time and money on features that aren’t vital to you in build 1. If you’re planning to sell your app then remeber with every penny you spend you’re reducing your margins. Obviously it’s a careful toss up between a good app and over spending but keep your functionality priority list in mind all the time

  1. Test, Analyse and Tweak

Don’t every stop gathering data and understanding how your users are behaving because the more you understand the better you’ll be able to funnel them where you want and either monetize your app or generate strong retention numbers. Understand what your users want and what buttons they’re clicking on. Read all the reviews you receive on the app store and consider which need actioning and what reviews are over zealous. Never stop this process as it will add a huge amount of value to your download numbers and potential sell

  1. Be inventive

You’ll be told that you need to spend huge amounts of money on marketing and whilst you will need to spend some, be smart! I managed to contact the Uber marketing team through a tweet and we ended up running a campaign together that required very little budget but was tweeted by Uber and got us good exposure. Companies and even huge corporations are looking to support and work with small companies because it’s good PR for them, send 50 emails and you’ll get 1 reply who want to work together. This type of exposure adds more value to your app and will collect more downloads

Gettign 1 million app downloads will require you to pay close attention to these 4 steps but get started today and you’re on your way. This will not be a quick process but stick at it and move quickly.

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