Stop Trying To Get Elizabeth Warren (And Other Liberals) To Run For President. We Need Them In Congress.

Early in this election cycle (unfortunately this cycle began as soon as the 2014 midterms were over), there was a movement from the left to get Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

This is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard.

Senator Warren has been in her seat since January of 2013. Since then she’s been the advance guard in keeping an eye on the financial services industry and its many-tentacled approach to perverting government regulations in order to fatten its already corpulent bank accounts.

Most Senators and Representatives do not understand the dizzying array of rules and rule changes proposed with regard to the financial industry and other finance-related causes (college costs, for instance).

So why, in God’s name, would we take Elizabeth Warren out of that combat zone and stick her in the White House to get frustrated?

The left is obsessed with the White House. To the point of absolute absurdity and to the detriment of the causes it purports to hold dearly.

Would Elizabeth Warren have the right ideology to be President? Certainly.

But she is far more useful to the progressive movement and the country on a whole if she stays in Congress.

As we’ve learned after the 2010 election, while it is obviously important to hold on the White House, having legislative allies for the man or woman in the executive branch is almost as important.

If we’re going to support candidates for the presidency promising either a revolution or achievable change within the boundaries, they have to have backup in the House and Senate.

In football, one of the less media friendly positions is offensive lineman. They’re the big, beefy guys who stand in front of the quarterback, the ultimate glam position in American sports. But if you put a bunch of scrubs in front of the quarterback, the opposition will tear through them like wet paper and maul the quarterback, bending him in half and sending hopes of the Super Bowl up in smoke.

The legislative branch is our offensive line. It isn’t glamorous, it’s down in the trenches, and its also where the great battles over America’s future are won or lost. People like Elizabeth Warren are all-star linemen. They make it possible to win the trench warfare of American politics. Don’t get distracted by the glamour of the quarterback position while leaving that person wide open to getting their head ripped off.

Oliver Willis @owillis

Photo via Senate Democrats