Tablet of the Universe — Further Thought


After reading the article One Physicist’s first Look at Abdu’l-Baha’s Tablet of the Universe by Vahid Houston Ranjbar, I was inspired to add a thought.

As Baha’is we are so very often overwhelmed by the extraordinary amount of knowledge available in our Scriptures. Since God is lofty above our ability to comprehend anything about God, we tend to slough off thinking about the Names and Attributes of the Primal Will in the same manner. However, as Mr. Ranjbar’s article indicates, and as the Tablet of the Universe reveals, we can glean much from studying Them. They are not so remote that we perforce leave Them in some mystical or spiritual realm.

And the additional thought that hits me is that God did not merely manifest as these Names and Attributes. God also created the Laws via which these same Attributes interact. Abdu’l-Baha mentions a few of those Laws in this Tablet. For instance, He says they oscillate (…move through the firmament of perfection in arcs of descent and ascent). From that oscillation a creative field is generated ( They are subtle and soft, flowing and liquid, undulating and vibrating.). I have seen many other Laws or requirements of behavior about these Names and Attributes across the Sacred Texts.

Given that so much of the Texts must be metaphorical, as They describe so much that is virtually indescribable, we cannot be firm — at least at this time — in our own imagery, meaning and speculation. Nonetheless, that same point of metaphor or parable makes me speculate that the laws of our universe, which is, after all, a metaphor for all the worlds of God, may be metaphor for the laws governing the interaction of the Names Themselves.

As Bahá’u’lláh says in the Lawh-i Haqqu’n-Nas, “ …whatever is seen and heard in this temporal world, this world of limitations — of every name and description, of every form and attribute — also has a presence and manifestation in every world of the worlds of God”. The Kingdom of Names, ruled by the Primal Will Who embodies these Names and Attributes, is also a world of God.

After all, if our physics, our universe, stems from something, the laws of physics must also have an origin.