Introducing WOA, the WrappedOrigin contract

Hello everyone, this guide will explain how to interact with the WrappedOrigin contract. You can buy some WOA on the Uniswap WOA/ETH Pair!

Warning: While we have audited the contract with some trusted members of the community, please be careful. Read the contract code and use at your own risks!

EDIT 7th of October 2020:
WEBPAGE IS LIVE!!! Here is how it looks like:

What is WOA?

Wrapped Origin Axie Token (WOA) is a token that allows users to wrap Origin Axies and trade them like an erc-20 token. You can only wrap Origin Axies from a common class (beast, plant, aquatic). In addition the Axie cannot contain any mystic parts and can’t have been bred more than 2 times. These limitations ensure that the Origin Axies within the pool are all of similar value.

WOA can be burnt to redeem a random Origin inside the WOA token pool.

Max supply of WOA is equal to the amount of origins Axies with listed requirements. There won’t be more than 1967. In fact, the total max supply will most likely decrease as people breed origin Axies and they stop becoming eligible in the pool.

Why did we create WOA?

We wanted to provide a 24/7 liquidity on Origin Axies. Users with low budget can buy fractions of an Origin Axie and maybe collect a whole coin via tournaments or giveaways and redeem it later on for one Origin Axie.
This will hopefully allow to give a more accurate price of Origin Axies in the long term.

If you are an experienced dev:
- On Axie core contract, setApprovalForAll for WrappedOrigin contract
- On WrappedOrigin contract => wrap function where you put array of axie IDs you want to wrap
- On WrappedOrigin contract => unwrap function where you put amount of WOA tokens to unwrap

Here are the contracts you that will be useful:
- Axie Core Contract 0xF5b0A3eFB8e8E4c201e2A935F110eAaF3FFEcb8d
- WrappedOrigin Contract 0xEC0A0915A7c3443862B678B0d4721C7aB133FDCf
- Uniswap WOA/ETH Pair
- You can check the Axies inside the pool here!
- Here, you can check out and buy all the Axies that can be wrapped into WOA

How to wrap

Go in the Axie world page, go to the wrap tab and select the Axies that you want to wrap, then click on the “Wrap X for X WOA” button to pop up the MetaMask transaction and accept it.

How to unwrap

Go in the Axie world page and select the unwrap tab, put the amount of WOA tokens you want to redeem then click on the “Proceed” button to pop up the MetaMask transaction and accept it.

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