Interaction Design- POP App

What I Did:

In this sprint we explored interaction design by creating a pop app prototype that supports citizen science. In studio, we brainstormed different users who would use this information, types of data to collect, and different motivation strategies.

Using sketchbook to write out goals for the project as well as drawing the slides

For my app, I decided to support a way for landscapers to know which types of plants citizens enjoy most around them. After sketching ideas in my sketchbook, I outlined the navigation from one screen to the other.. Once this was done, I drew and laid out each of the paper screens to add into the POP app. I then gave it to family members to test the ease of navigation.

Team brain storming different ideas for Citizen research

Problems and Questions:

After sketching the screens and inputting them into the POP app, I tried playing around with the navigation between screens. I immediately ran into issues when it came to going back to the previous screen and knowing what screen to “go back” to. I had to return to sketching before finally getting a flow I was happy with.

Drawn out screens laid out in order

What I enjoyed:

My favorite part of this project was seeing the end product and playing around with something that I created. We had the opportunity to be very creative both artistically and with the types of censor data input.

Presenting to class mates different ideas for text input for an app

Learning about Navigation:

I enjoyed thinking about flow and navigation because I now notice it in any app I use on my phone. 
After learning about interaction design, I cannot help but see it everywhere in my daily life from cooking with a stove, to lifting the cap off of a marker.

pop App Video:

Pop App Video
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