Targeted Twitter Followers at 4000% less cost than Twitter Ads

Growth Hacking…but, what’s the bottom line of Growth Hacking:

Reaching your target audience at the lowest possible cost.

Most of the firsts growth hacking techniques were created just to grow and didn’t care much about the quality of those new contacts. Nowadays with billions of people using social media, the detriment of the reach on Facebook and soon on Twitter you have to maximize your exposure, within your target audience and at the lowest possible cost.

We ran an experiment comparing the cost per follower of Owlead against some of our competitors and also with Twitter Ads.

Be aware: between the available options to gather Twitter followers, we are not considering buying followers as an option, since they are not targeted 👻.

The 4 tools that we used on this experiment are tested that they attract quality followers for Twitter accounts, so check what we’ve done and leave your opinion in comments.

Don’t want to read all the experiment? Just jump to the final conclusion 👇

Here is the deal: growth on Twitter means nothing without good content and human interaction.

So to make this analysis comparative, we’ve prepared 52 tweets to post on the entire experiment in a dummy Twitter account with 300 organic followers. We posted randomly the same amount of tweets per stage in the same hours each day, to don’t affect the experiment with content differences.

Here is when I have to say…thank you Buffer for making this part of the job less annoying! (this is not a promoted mention…yet 😃)

Ok tweets prepared…now what? We decided to select 3 tools that are well known in the growth hacking scenario and the official Twitter Ads platform.

The experiment

Lasted 28 days and we use just one tool at a time for 5 consecutive days and left a gap of 2 days to switch from one tool to the next one.

Tool A — $0.069/follower

The first 5 days we decided to start using Tool A. This tool gives auto likes based on keywords you provide, at a glance It’s a nice and very user friendly tool. One thing we think they have to improve is the process to configure the account, you’ve to create an app on Twitter by your own and that’s a filter for novice users.

Our account grew 26 followers on those 5 days and based on the price of their Starter Plan ($9), the cost per follower was $0,069. It seems low…don’t you think? Keep with me and see the final result…

Tool B — $0.072/follower

This tool automates the following and gives auto likes based on keywords. So, it combines both of the most known growth hacks to help you growth your account. This tool it’s a very good fit for newbies since they have a minimalist control panel but they lack of some data for the most curious users out there.

We gained 44 new followers in those 5 days. Since their demo plan cost $19/month the final cost per follower was $0.072. Between the 3 tools we selected, Tool B was the most expensive one their cheapest plan.

Owlead, $0.048/follower

We have a strong focus gathering leads, not just followers.

Owlead attracts targeted twitter followers on autopilot. What’s the main difference with the other 2 tools? Its core; it doesn’t work based on keywords, it works analysing the account of your competition on Twitter and apply smart filters to let you point to the most interesting users, that you know are interested in content like yours. We have a strong focus gathering leads, not just followers. As a plus, we analize your followers and show you key data from your followers.

Twitter Ads — $ 2.15/follower

We run a campaign for a very specific target audience living in NCY and following accounts related to advertising. We know it’s a high cost per each follower, but don’t take our word on this. Here you will find a couple of additional cost per follower studies that declare a cost between $2.5 and $4. In the best scenario, Twitter has a Success Story with a cost of $0.3 per follower, pretty far for what we can achieve.

Want to attract targeted Twitter followers on autopilot? Enjoy a 15 days free demo and start growing!

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