7 Tips for Hosting a Safe Easter Egg Hunt

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It may be that time of year to go on an egg hunt but make sure it not the time for someone to get themselves into trouble. Easter egg hunting is a favourite pastime for small kids and adults alike during the Easter long weekend. To make sure your sugar filled hunt is a safe one, follow these tips to ensure everyone’s well-being and happiness during the hunt.

1. Handle Food Safely

Before you unleash your inner Picasso and paint the prettiest egg to hide in the garden, make sure the is egg is cooked through and refrigerated before and after painting. If you want to empty out the contents of the egg and simply dye the shell, use a straw or opt to use pasteurized eggs to avoid exposure to salmonella. Put the eggs out moments prior to the hunt. Boiled eggs should be consumed within two hours of removing them from cooler refrigerated temperatures.

2. Paint Your Easter Eggs Safely

Getting the paint brushes dirty is a fun exercise but make sure it is done safely. Do not use eggs that have been cracked during cooking as they are an easy target for bacteria to grow. Use food-grade dyes or get creative and make your own Easter egg dye from a range of natural products.

3. Minimalize Outdoor Dangers

Make sure that garden is not only looking green but it is clean from hazards, including garden tools, hoses, electric cables and chemicals. Create boundaries if necessary for small children not to trespass. Make sure that eggs do not touch areas that could have come into contact with lawn chemicals or wild animals.

4. Practice Indoor Safety Measures

If you are conducting the hunt indoors, make sure you do not hide the eggs near electronic outlets, hard-to-reach spots, glass or dangerous areas.

5. Get Rid of Choking Hazards

If you are opting to use plastic eggs instead, avoid filling them with potential choking hazards for younger children. Great ideas for young children include stickers, bath toys, chalk, hair accessories or healthy snacks. It is recommended that children under the age of five should be supervised when consuming candy. For toddlers, avoid hard candy and jelly beans as this may pose a danger.

6. Be Aware of Food Allergies

Before you commence on your exciting Easter hunt, make sure that anyone with a food allergy is accommodated for. If there is anyone with a nut allergy, provide alternatives such as popcorn, marshmallows or gummy bears.

7. Protect Your Pets

Last but not least, make sure your friendly pets are protected before any keen Easter egg hunters begin the ultimate hunt. Either put your pet in a cage or safe in a room as this not only ensures their well-being, but the well-being of others.

Game on and have a safe Easter from Team OWLR.

Team OWLR Ready for the annual egg hunt!

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