Cool Gadgets for Mother’s Day

Forget the cocktail or the glass of wine, today is about treating your mother to special moments and finer things in life (although a sneaky drink can be lovely too!) Take your mother to tech town and treat her to the latest in cool gadgets which will have her feeling hip and on trend.

The most super stylish tech savvy bag. Image credit: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Connected Handbags

A beautiful union of technology and fashion has been formed. Everpurse and Kate Spade have married their smarts to deliver a stylish bag with hidden technology components to suit every woman on the go. The bag has been flawlessly designed to include a phone charging dock that is wire-free and easy to charge via placing the bag on a handy charging dock. Low battery shall never be a hassle again.

Better than any kitchen tile. Image credit: Tile


In today’s world we can all be a bit of a scatter brain at the best of times with social media glued to our hands, headphones in the ears and VR across the eyes. In those moments of constantly changing attention, things can get lost like keys. Your lost keys can be easily found by calling your Tile. Tile works as a Bluetooth receiving key ring. If it is within 100-foot Bluetooth range, your Tile will play a loud tune until your item is found. If you have lost your phone, press the button on your Tile and your phone will ring (even if on silent) via connected app. The hunt is over!

Speak to the speaker. Image credit: Amazon


Alexa — This is one name you will never stop getting sick of tired of repeating. Alexa do this, Alexa do that — Your wish is at Alexa’s command! Alexa is Amazon’s take on the intelligent personal assistant and connects to Echo — the ultimate speaker. With the aid of Echo, control Alexa hands-free and request to play music, set an alarm or to provide an answer to a range of questions including weather, sports and the list goes on. When you want to use your Echo, simply just say Alexa and your virtual assistant is ready to lend at ear with its seven microphones and beam-forming technology. Your voice is ready to be heard.

One slipper fits all. Image credit: 3D Printing Industry


The saying ‘One size fits all’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to Feetz. Feetz are customizable 3D printed shoes available online. Simply take three pictures of your Cinderella feet via its app and choose the style of shoe and colour you want to strut the streets with. Perfect fit!

When a fire starts to burn. Image credit: Tech Crunch

Fire TV Stick

Feel like a wizard with the ultimate stick — Fire TV Stick. Simply plug the Fire TV Stick into a HDTV and start streaming from your favourite streaming account services including Amazon Video, Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more. As it is part of the Amazon family, it also works with Alexa so you can use your voice to search what you would like to watch. It takes the crown when it comes to Wi-Fi speeds so kick back, relax and grab the popcorn to have the ultimate home viewing at your command.

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