Earn Revenue by Co-Streaming E3 with Blacksmith

This year during E3, the Amazon Blacksmith Extension will automatically provide a stream of interactive updates dedicated to E3 game announcements. For each major game publisher presentation, Blacksmith will generate a series of notifications and images that includes links to detail pages where viewers can pre-order newly announced games on Amazon.

Outside of near real-time single-game announcements accompanying a major publisher announcement, Blacksmith will offer a list of previous game announcements linking to the Amazon E3 landing page. While this experience is designed to be on screen via an overlay, a similar experience will be available through the panel, below the fold.

With Blacksmith “Live Event Mode,” Twitch is the premier destination to experience E3. It gives game publishers an interactive framework to deliver announcements, grants viewers the opportunity to engage and support their broadcasters with pre-order, and streamers the ability to make money while co-streaming.

Ready to get started?

Set Up Instructions

  • Partners & Affiliates can click here to install and activate the Blacksmith Extension!
  • OK! It’s installed, what’s next? That’s it! Event Mode will be turned on by default and will start to receive E3 game announcements within Blacksmith once the conference starts.

More Details!

  • How much money do I make? Broadcasters earn 10% revenue on Digital Video Games and 2% on Physical Video Games.
  • How do I turn it off? You can turn on/off Event Mode E3 content in your card configuration by toggling Event Mode.
  • Overlay or Panel? Live updates will appear either as an overlay or a panel, depending on your configuration. While the overlay does provide a premium experience, choose whatever feels right for your channel.

E3 Co-Streaming

Take your community to E3! Everything that is on the twitch.tv/twitch channel can be co-streamed. Co-streaming is a feature that lets you air another broadcast on your channel with the ability to add your facecam and commentary on top of it. Give your take on two days of press conferences and three days of custom Twitch content, including interviews with game publishers and developers, first-looks at great products, and more.

For maximum exposure and discoverability, we recommend you co-stream under the following settings:

  • CATEGORY: E3 2019 or Special Events
  • TAGS: E3, Co-stream

Need a clean feed of the E3 stream? Use https://costream.twitch.tv/e3 (This will not be available until closer to the event date).

  • More details on WHY you should co-stream here and HOW to co-stream here.

About Blacksmith — What does it look like?

When installed as a panel Extension, Blacksmith is a simple product listing. When activated as a component or overlay Extension, Blacksmith will appear as a drawer on the video player, and additional features like live polls and easy Twitch Prime subs will be available. More info here!


  • Community recognition: Broadcasters can hook into the alerts generated when viewers make purchases and publicly recognize their support for the channel via streaming software.
  • Create live polls from your streamer Dashboard in the Extensions tab.
  • Twitch Prime is fully integrated: Viewers can use their free sub on your channel
  • Special promotional commission rates for streamers.

Have more questions?

Visit the Blacksmith help page for additional tips and tricks, FAQ, as well as more info on the Amazon Associates program.



Creator Marketing @Twitch | @owlsquid

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