How to navigate the mental barriers that keep you from moving forward.

A collection of signs on a street which read “Road Closed, Wrong Way, No Left Turn, and Detour.”
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The case for Laying the Foundations, a new book about design systems (and more) by Andrew Couldwell

268 pages of pure wisdom. You can buy 15+ years of design experience for $20 (eBook), $30 (paperback), or $40 (both).

The stages I went through on my path to learning front-end development

The motivations and struggles behind redesigning my own website

A preview of my new website

The basis for the tutorial is my Non-profit UI Kit for Adobe XD

Start with artboards for every state of your form

I started with…

A case study detailing the design of two digital research platforms

For the first time, a world-class team of scientific experts will…

A case study of creating a responsive home page

A sneak peek of the desktop version of the final product

The creation of Pawtastic, an e-commerce UI kit

A preview of Pawtastic, an e-commerce UI kit for Adobe XD

The role faces play in creating a personality for digital businesses

MailChimp is famous for putting an adorable face on their business

How to ensure your digital experiences convey the right personality

Meagan Fisher

Web designer and developer. Known for a love of owls, but also crazy about typography, cats, coffee, and pastels. See more at:

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