ownCloud 9 Introduces- Retention (Document Classification)

With the release of ownCloud 9 there are a number of new updates and features, including the retention feature. This new feature adds an extra level of organization and security to your files.

Only ownCloud enables admins to set document classification rules and then, based on the defined classification, take action to enforce those rules. By leveraging a combination of new system and user tags, admins and users can decide how to classify a document. Further, admins can set policies that determine how long to retain a file based on the classification, and then automatically delete the file at the end of a defined retention period.

Here are two examples on how retention can be helpful in certain situations:

  1. Need to enable retention for documents related to an insurance claim? For this case, the admin creates a tag called “insurance claim,” and then sets a retention period of 7 years for documents classified as part of such a claim. A user can then tag a file that becomes part of an insurance claim. The file will be retained by the system for 7 years, and automatically deleted at the end of this period.
  2. Need to reduce risk by removing content once it has been used? For this case, the admin creates a hidden system tag and has ownCloud automatically assign it to all files uploaded to the system. A second rule evaluates the files, and if they have not been updated in more than 60 days, they are removed.