ownCloud grows over 100% in 2015

by Markus Rex

Talk about a great year! In 2015 ownCloud grew over 100%. The secret? Universal File Access.

This past year ownCloud has evolved into more than just a file sync and share company, and Universal File Access has become the ideal solution to those global companies worried about the European Data Privacy legislation. ownCloud currently boasts over 300 customers over 47 countries. And, we have over 8 million community and enterprise users. Impressed?

Well get ready to be even more impressed. We are currently on our way to double our bookings for 2016 to $16 million! This is due to our unique ability to offer secure, flexible Universal File Access which puts us head and shoulders above the competition, especially when it comes to changing regulatory environments. That, and our unique capability to securely break data silos while ensuring data privacy, is what will help to fuel ownCloud’s worldwide growth for us in 2016.

So, here’s to 2016. Let’s make it even better than 2015.

Originally published at owncloud.com.

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