Legoland Hotel: Ready to be Opened Soon in Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts in the Middle East will soon witness the first Legoland Hotel from DXB Entertainments. It will be the 7thproperty to open around the world and the hotel is the joint venture of DXB entertainments and Merlin entertainments in 60: 40 ratio. Once it will start, it will be operated and maintained by Merlin Entertainments. The opening date is still not specified.

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On 14thFeb 2017, the operator of the theme recorded the revenue of Dh 75.9 million out of which 63.4 million was the actual revenue of the park. The theme park revenue came from Legoland Dubai in the month of November & December and from few weeks of Bollywood Parks Dubai & Motiongate Dubai.

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In the year 2016, Dh485 million of loss was witnessed by DXB Entertainment and Dh110.9m in 2015. A large portion of their loss displayed pre-opening expenses which were covered in their project cost, said their CEO Raed Kajoor Al Nuami.

The Dubai Parks & Resorts complex was visited by 300,000 people in just 2 months of 2016. The coming quarters of 2017 will display the appeal of destination to visitors from across the globe as they start attracting business from international tour & travels.

The company currently has 3,100 employees and is marketing the destination in Saudi Arabia, India, and the UK. For the promotion, tie up with120 hotels in Dubai is also done.

The integrated theme park destination had a shaky opening; beginning with Legoland Dubai and Riverland Dubai, succeeded by Bollywood Parks Dubai, the Lapita Hotel, Motiongate Dubai, and the Legoland Water Park.

51 units of the firm were leased at Riverland Dubai, showing 84% of the space available, by December end. By the end of the year, only half of the units were operational at Riverland Dubai.

As per the CEO, their project team is targeting on delivering the remaining last elements in Motiongate Dubai, and they expect rest of all rides and attractions also the remaining units at Riverland Dubai to be available for the public by the start of the second quarter.

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The Six Flags Dubai resort is set to open by the end of 2019 after its construction will start in July. To finalize the design & tenders regarding infrastructures, the work is going on and also they are planning to have seven ride contracts in final stages.

Dh3.4 billion out of Dh 4.2 billion financing facility of DXB Entertainments has drawn for 1stphase of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Additional revenue streams involving providing project management services to develop Meraas for Dubai Arena is getting explored by the company along with half million square foot entertainment destination due for opening late next year.

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Originally published at on February 15, 2017.

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