OWNDATA sponsored by the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2019 will take place on 20 February. You will better understand Blockchain, the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century, with the expression of expert speakers in the sphere. Thus, “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit” rolls out the distinction of being the largest-scale event of the region, ever held in this field. More than 5,000 attendees from 43 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live.

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We’re excited to introduce HOTBIT Exchange, an advanced digital currency trading platform that supports high-frequency, low-latency execution for experienced traders.

Hotbit is one of the professional digital asset exchange platforms that provide trading services among major digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for users from all over the world.

Global Team

The core members of HOTBIT team have all gained in-depth experience in both traditional financial and cryptocurrency industry. …

Every behavior we make, every trace we digitally leave, accumulates in the Data Frame surrounding the human life. Consumers’ working habits, digital clicking behavior, time spent on various sites, purchasing histories, and much personal information can be stored through digital networks and devices.
The huge amount of these data is created by individuals or organizations; browsing the internet, interacting on social networks, uploading personal files, syncing devices and shopping online.

Data can generate quite big revenue, large companies collect data from users for free. As the user of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and similar services every year you create…

Owndata team is happy to announce that we are officially listed on CoinMarketCap! Our token is listed under the “OWNDATA” name with the (OWN) ticker. The direct link to our coin’s page can be found here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/owndata/

We look forward to sharing more information on the progress of our project and are continuing to work on various developments. Thank you for the support!

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Decentralized Data Network

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