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Get All-in-One Owner Builder Magazine in Australia — The Owner Builder Club
ABSOLUTE Education, Building Centre Network and Abacus Training are our valued partner in providing Owner Builder Courses throughout Australia. They have 100% pass rate, provide instant access and same day certificate. Above all they don’t take any up-front payment.

Do Owner Builder Course in WA at $117 — The Owner Builder Club
The Owner Builder Club has collaborated with premier owner builder course providers in Western Australia. These courses will train you in legal aspects, designing, planning, establishing budget etc. The Owner Builder Club provide you complete information related these owner builder’s requirements and course in Australia.

Become Trained Owner Builder in QLD — The Owner Builder Club
The Owner Builder Club has partnered with premier institutes like ABSOLUTE Education, Abacus Training etc. which provides online training to owner builders in Queensland. At the Owner Builder Club, you can enrol courses at minimum cost of $117 which provide complete training on all the aspects of becoming owner builder.

Get Owner Builder Training with No-upfront Fee — The Owner Builder Club
The Owner Builder Course is mandatory for all the owner builders in NSW. This course trains about responsibilities, limitations, contracts and permits required to become an owner builder in NSW. Complete this course at $174 and become a certified owner builder.

Become Certified Owner Builder in Victoria — The Owner Builder Club
Owner builder courses offered by the Owner Builder Club train you in how to manage and minimize the cost on owner builder projects. Once you successfully complete the course, you will receive a “Certificate of Acknowledgment”. In Victoria State, it is mandatory to take any owner builder course before building their own home.

ACT Owner Builder Course in $99 — The Owner Builder Club
The courses offered will be delivered completely online which can be accessible at any time and from any location with an active internet connection. These courses will provide downloadable content which can be access offline. Plus you can also take advantage of the additional tips and links to successfully complete your owner-built home.

Browse Owner Builder Insurances in Australia — The Owner Builder Club
The Owner Builder Club provides complete assistance in arranging owner builder insurance. Getting insurance can protect you from damages to neighbouring properties, ‘on site’ accidents, building materials delivered and stored on site.

Get Advice on Owner Builder Construction Loan — The Owner Builder Club
While most of brokers are poorly trained or disorganised, we are provide quality services, better informed advice and suitable loans as per your need. We have one of the largest arsenal of home loan providers.

Get Owner Builder Magazine in Australia — The Owner Builder Club
The Owner Builder Club offers a complete owner builder magazine helping you in planning, designing, building, renovating, maintenance, energy efficiency, sustainable building etc. Get advice and information on everything related to owner builder in Australia.

FAQs for Building Your New House in NSW
Before building a new house, there are a number of questions that you must know prior to undertaking the task in NSW, Australia.

About the Owner Builder Licensing Act in Australia
Among owner builders in ACT, a particular owner builder may wish to obtain a license to plan and start buildings and construction work on property that he or she owns.

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