Owners Hub — A new era.

While it seems crazy to think about it, the Owners Hub community has been a thing for almost a year now, and since its initial launch back in August 2020, we’ve always relied on our “Full-Server-Access” (FSA) System. And while it had its many Pros, the Cons started stacking upon each other month after month. People started complaining about how the set member count & follower count requirements were way too high, or how it was unfair that we didn’t “support” giveaway & advertisement-based servers.

Our Verification system has worked the same exact way ever since we started this project, but it’s time for something new. Something that will not only help us, the Staff members, properly moderate all of the featured communities, but also help those who have not been able to get into our “private” & “closed” community for so long. The Owners Hub has served as a tool for owners to connect, teach, find help with bot making, share ideas, get advice, & collaborate since we started this project, and we’re finally giving those who really need that help the chance to receive it.

With this update, we’re entirely getting rid of the whole “private & closed community” concept, and open our community up for everyone out there to enjoy and make use of.

Introducing: The Community Approval System

The FSA-System has helped us run a private, safe and closed environment, and since we’re basically getting rid of that entire aspect of our community, we have to introduce something new to replace it.
Say hello to the Community Approval System. A System that is built to support the communities that are unique, original, and outstanding in their very own way.

How it works.

To apply for the Community Approval System, you will first have to run the /apply command on our Discord server.

Once you’ve done that, you will get redirected to your Discord direct messages with our custom Owners Hub bot, where you will have to provide specific information on your community, as well as answer some questions.

Our Staff will then receive your entire application and gets to properly vote on approval or denial (as shown in the screenshot below).

Once an application receives 3 “denied” votes, the last staff member to react to the Application will have to provide a valid reason for the denial, which the user will then receive via DM.

If your application gets denied, you will have to wait 14 days in order to be able to apply with your community again. If our staff decides to put you on our CAS-Blacklist, you will not be able to apply again, until you’ve properly appealed your punishment to one of our Admins.

Once an application receives 3 “approved” votes, the application will automatically get approved.

If your application gets approved, the bot will congratulate you via DM, as well as in our general townhall chat. The Community Owners role will be automatically assigned to you, and with that, you will receive all of the benefits that come with getting approved with the CAS.

Approved Owners will also get their community posted in our “communities” channel with an awesome-looking embed to display it to everyone else. If you happen to want to edit something on this post, please contact a Staff Member.

This command can only be executed by staff members.

Once an approved Owner leaves the server, their community will automatically get removed from the “communities” channel, and the owner will have to reapply upon rejoining. Our Staff can also disapprove approved communities that happen to entirely rebrand & rethink their original purpose. Reasons for Disapprovals will always be included.

The owner will not receive a disapproval reason if they happen to leave the server.

The requirements.

As already mentioned before, with this new system, your community numbers are no longer going to play a role. Whether you own a big or small community, we’re looking for special, unique, and outstanding communities. This doesn’t mean that we won’t accept several communities of the same type, but rather want to see what makes your community different from others. Our Staff will thoroughly go through every submission, take a look at everything related to the communities, and then professionally decide on the outcome of an application. Rest assured, our team does have its own guidelines to follow, though we won’t share these publicly.

The benefits.

By getting Owners Hub approved, you will receive all of the following perks:
- A Special role for all approved community owners.
- Access to a special chat.
- Access to post in our job list (coming soon).
- Community embed in our communities channel.
- Access to a few handmade emotes (shoutout to Qynx#0001 & Pauel#0001)
- Access to the “samu” emote pack.
- Be part of possible “Owner of the Month” pools.

The future for the Owners Hub.

While this is probably one of the biggest updates for the Owners Hub to this date, we won’t stop working on a bright, eventful, and awesome future for the Owners Hub community. We have so many events & projects planned that are already just around the corner and we’re so pumped to be able to present them to you in just a few weeks (yes, “looking-for” is finally coming back). This entire project means so much to us and we couldn’t be happier with how things are currently going. Thank you once again for being a part of this community and thanks for choosing us over so many others. We love you.

Imagine a community where people can meet and learn from other like-minded community owners & moderators from all around the world.