Infinite: Dating & Friendship App | Case Study

It’s never too late to start something new! — A dating app for people 60 and up!

Owen Morley
Mar 6 · 5 min read

Project Type: Academic
Category: User Interface, Branding
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Xd
Industry: Mobile/Desktop Applications

An Introduction


When people get older, It becomes difficult to make new friends or find new relationships. As well in the dating app world, severely lacks exclusive dating apps for this minority. Although many apps popular apps such as Tinder and OkCupid allow people to search at ages 50 plus, they attune their product to those of younger ages. This is where Infinite comes in. An app designed specifically for people of the ages 60 and up to start new relationships or friendships.


People ages 60 and up.

People looking to start a new relationship or just trying to find some new friends.

This is a free app meaning there is no specific income target.


The products involved would be a phone app.


The app should have at least five screens on mobile. One for settings, profile, login, matches, and chatting. All extra screens would be optional. The app must have a specific target demographic, In our case it is seniors. Branding shouldn’t be the main focus due to it being a user interface project.


When designing for seniors, you have to be conscious that some of the functions like eyesight might slowly be diminishing. It’s important to keep this into account when designing because you want to make the app as accessible as possible. The dating app industry is also oversaturated. However, many of these apps tend to have a demographic of people between the ages of 20–30. Our dating app stands out from the rest due it having a much older demographic.

Design Strategy

The Name

The name Infinite came from the idea that loves last forever. There is still somebody out there who loves you. It’s also important to exchange that love to be it platonically or romantically. The term infinite is also paired to a long period of time, usually older. For these reasons its why the name infinite was chosen for the app.

Logo of Infinite

The Logo

The logo had to be something that was simple and be turned into an icon. It also had to relate to the name Infinite. In the beginning, there was just usage of the infinity symbol and an arrangement of hearts. The idea of putting the two together came along. Originally it had the two connected together with no spaces. This made it seem like there was just a circle inside a heart making it hard to distinguish the infinity sign. Then we took off part of the heart and part of the infinity sign to give the logo more shape. By doing so the heart still maintains its shape and the infinity logo is still prominent.

The Typography

The typography the app uses the IOS typography of SFPro Display. This way it is easily transferable to many different devices on both Apple and Windows.

The App

Six app screens are featured for the mobile view and will be split appropriately.

Front Page

A straight forward layout of having the layout. It includes the logo in the centre. There are two ways you can signup in the app. One way you can sign up is through facebook. This is the easiest way to signup/login because it will connect your Facebook information and images to make your profile creation easier. The second way to signup is doing so through email. This way you type in your email and a password. You will have to confirm your email to continue. If you already have an account you can log in easily by pressing the button at the bottom or again, continue with Facebook.


The settings page includes many different setting to aid in your search. For one, you can have your profile showing publically or privately, in case you want to take a break. You can also limit your search by distance and age. You can set if you want to search for relationships and/or friendships. Within this section, you can set to look for men, women, or both. Each icon will have distinguishing icons to help tell them apart easier.


Each profile will have a large main image of the person, subsidiary images can be added (up to six images) which can be swiped through to explore. You can also add a biography and add up to three interests. This will help create better matches for the individual.

Matching Search

Depending on what you set as your parameters in the settings and whatever interests you put, you will be matched up with people with the same guidelines. When you select a profile it will give you an indication for relationships or friendship so you won't have to guess what your match might want. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome you either choose to message the person or you can pass on them.


When you're matched with someone, the messaging board will have a large image of your match before you message them and will eventually push up as you continue to talk. Your messages will be in a separate colour to determine that they’re yours. You’ll be able to set up dates, meetups, or just chat!

Message Searching

When you’re not talking to anybody all of your matches will be sorted in a nice even column. Here you can slide through your matches or use the search bar to find a specific user.


This was my first major project within the user interface field. Doing so I wanted to do things a little different, which is why the idea of Infinite came up. Challenging myself to do something that isn’t widely popular. I will look back at this project and critique it myself to see what I can pull for future projects.

Owen Morley

Written by

UI and Graphic Designer based in Toronto.

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