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For those who about to come to Taiwan. If you plan to go somewhere southern, for example, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan or Kaohsiung. Don’t miss out this Pass from THSR(Taiwan High Speed Railway)!

There are multiple choices base on your need. We recommend the 3-day pass for the most cases. Unlimited usage in for 3-day.

From the National Palace Museum in Taipei to Sun Moon Lake in the central region or the Ruifeng Night Market in Kaohsiung(I would say local people most recommended night market in Kaohsiung, TripAdvisor review here). Have fun traveling to major scenic spots in Taiwan’s western region.

For instance, you can take the THSR from Taoyuan to Kaoshiung(about 90m to 110m traveling time), Kaoshiung has it Metro Subway System(KRTC Station Guide) , it covers many famous spots already, but if you would love to have a more casual tour with English Speaking driver, you can also try out OWNRIDES Kaoshiung Tour suggestion.

4 types of THSR Pass

Quick Summary:

  • Unlimited number of time in 3-day.
  • Limited for foreign visitor holding tourist visa only
  • Passport needed for boarding and making a reservation.
  • Children Pass Available(over 6 years and under 12 years old)

3-Day Pass

  • Official Price: TWD 2,400
  • Most popular choice🔥. Unlimited number of time in 3-day.
  • Valid for 3-day in a row.

Flexible 3-Day Pass

  • Official Price: TWD 3,200
  • Doesn’t have to be 3-days in a row, valid between the specified week.

5-Days Standard Joint Pass

  • Official Price: TWD 2,800
  • THSR for any 2-day of specified week.
  • Unlimited number of time of Taiwan Railway Chu-Kuang Class(or lower Class), non-reserved seat only.

5-Days Express Joint Pass

  • Official Price: TWD 3,600
  • THSR for any 2-day of specified week.
  • Unlimited number of time of Taiwan Railway Tzu-Chiang Class(or lower Class), Tzu-Chiang is a type of Class Faster than Chu-Kuang.

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