Power can be consuming and if not properly put in check can change a person’s attitude and outlook on life. I had a very interesting experience a few days ago that made me decide to write about the act of kindness.

I woke up tired and looked up to realize it was almost 7am, I had a major show fitting for 12pm and I was super excited, jumping out of bed to get ready for my big day. I was almost ready to leave but realized i had to help my family with a few things first so I hurried to get that done in time. My sister wasn’t in the best shape either and while attempting to take care of her also it started to drizzle,time was ticking and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I rushed into the rain not caring anymore; all I could think of was getting there before 12pm.

Lagos traffic as usual caused some delay, trying to jostle my way through pedestrians,my box got ripped by the side. I couldn’t allow that deter me so I kept going, finally arrived at Obalende after journeying from my home at the border of ogun state. Rushing into the first Keke Napep i saw, I requested that he drive me directly to the venue.

‘Madam it’s a thousand naira for charter” he cautioned.

‘That’s fine, I replied. I will pay you; just keep going.

We ran into a road block and after 30 minutes of standstill traffic we finally began to move again thankfully. My heart was racing now, it was almost 12pm. I started texting my friends to ask what was happening and they assured me that fittings had not began nonetheless names were being ticked so i hurried even more.

We finally arrived at the venue and I rushed down after paying the napep hurriedly dragging my box all the way to where my fittings was taking place. As i entered, I saw the producer of the show and his assistant standing there discussing.

Racks were being arranged by his crew and models were seated but no designer had arrived yet.The first designer was scheduled to arrive by 2pm, I look at my watch and it was 12:45pm.

“Are you just coming? the producer asked. He immediately turns to his assistant before I could even respond and says “Send her home, she can’t do the show”. Call her agency and inform them that she is off the show, he continues’.

I become dumbfounded and start to apologize and make an attempt to explain but I was asked to leave the venue immediately with my things.

I could not believe what was happening, were they really going to send me back to Ogun state with my things when no designer was even around? I pleaded with them and tried reaching my agency to do same but the producer already made up his mind.

They kicked me out just like that, my battery was dead, I had not had anything to eat, I was so sad and felt so terrible. In an attempt to try sort it out I went about with my charger looking for where to charge since I was not welcomed at the venue of the fittings.

On my way down the stairway still searching for where to charge,I see this guy going up a stairs that leads to an office. At this point I was disoriented and somewhat at the verge of crying.

Something in my heart whispered ‘Ask him’ , so i did.

“Please can i charge my phone in your office? i just need to power it on so I can order my Taxify trip home”. I said

He smiled warmly and replied “Sure. But you have to go through the front door because this entrance is for member of staff only. Just mention my name when you get to the front desk so they can put a call through and I will come right out”.

I thanked him and went in search of the elevator that leads to the front entrance of his office.

I did exactly what he said and waited as the receptionist called to inform him of my presence. In a few minutes he was right there smiling and beckoning on me to come into the office, I obeyed quietly tiptoeing behind him.

he shows me to a place where I could charge and kept inquiring if I needed anything else.

‘Can i get you anything? Tea, drink, chocolate,water ?.

“ No thank you”, I whispered.

Are you absolutely sure? He asked , concern resonating in his voice.

“Yes i am sure, I responded. I wasn’t about to be a burden to this kind stranger, I will just charge my phone and leave.

Well if you need anything please don’t hesitate to let me know. He said interrupting my thought.

‘Thank you’ , I replied.

“I will be in my office. If you need me just call me, but in the mean time please make yourself comfortable”. He said with a smile that put me at ease for the first time in that whole day.

“I will, thank you’. That was the best response I could muster up. I watched him leave back to his office then hurried over to where my phone was charging. I booked a taxify and once it got to the venue I called my new friend to let him know I was leaving.

As he was checking to make sure the taxify driver was parked at the right spot so I didn’t have to stress too much with my luggage; a call came in from a dear friend asking me not to leave and this followed with another call.

I was asked to wait while they both attempted to get someone to speak to the producer hoping that would change his mind. While I waited, I went ahead to cancel my taxify trip .

I turned to explain to my new friend the present development and also asked if I could wait there a bit longer in order to buy time for my friends to get people to appeal to the producer; and he said yes.

We sat to talk for a bit and I told him about what happened, immediately he picked up his phone to call a friend pleading with her to help reach out to the producer as she was in a position of higher authority than he was.

At this point I was shocked at how kind he was and was super grateful.He kept telling me fun stories that made me smile and an hour into the conversation, I was laughing.

As close of work hours were approaching and he needed to go home to his family, he excused himself briefly after asking me where I lived just to come back some minutes later with another colleague whom he had ask to give me a ride home because I mentioned in our conversation how taxify always cancel trips to my area once it gets late.

This colleague of his stayed really close to my area and was going to leave the office once the traffic dies down. I thanked him for offering and said goodbye to my new friend as he left for his house.

While i sat there waiting for his colleague, a lot of thoughts ran through my head. I realized that i was not sad anymore and although I knew I was not going to get a call back for the show, I focused on the lessons learnt from the entire experience.

I learnt that one individual’s act of kindness has the capacity to transform people’s life and mood ; from a terrible day to a more happy and hopeful one.I learnt that people are not always the way they seem at first and sometimes you get the best expression of loyalty from the ones you least expect it from. Lastly I learnt that even in the toughest of situations, God will always send a ray of light because he is a good father.

Why am i sharing this? Because we all go though tough times in life and feel like giving up.Sometimes we are faced with situations where all hope seems lost just like I felt when this happened. I need you to remember that God will always send light.

Also please learn to always show kindness to people however you can, you do not know what they might be going through.

God bless my kind new friend and every one out there that constantly render assistance to people in need; even when they are not obligated to do so.

And to those that feel they are high and mighty, disregarding people’s situations because they are in control at the moment, remember that there is a God and he is always watching.

Thank you guys for reading, please leave a comment or share your own thoughts and experience. I would love to read all about it.

With love,

Omowunmi Williams.