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Aug 4, 2018 · 5 min read

Traffic is the soul of every website. You need traffic to achieve the goal of your website, whether you are a blogger looking to earn money or an affiliate marketer with a niche website or a drop shipper using content marketing as a strategy. Even if you just blog as a passion, the website traffic can encourage you to be your best for the sake of the readers. So “how do you drive traffic to your blog/website?”


The Search engine optimization industry has been expanding. A lot of SEO experts promise to get your website on the first page of Google and many of them do it successfully. Every year, we always see a new post around this title, “SEO tricks for 20XX”. SEO is the word every blogger knows, the art everyone is learning. Many keyword research applications are released every year.

Nothing beats SEO when it comes to getting traffic on a website. The gains can be amazing if done right consistently and with a flexibility that adapts to the latest discoveries. However, a singular focus on SEO and keywords for website traffic is misdirected. As important as SEO is for website traffic and overall business success, they must be complemented with some other simple strategies that can increase traffic and position your brand to gain in the globalized economy

So what are some other strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website or blog? These strategies are not new, but they are just being neglected as a result of the SEO boom. Therefore, this is a call to resurrect these strategies and innovate with them for maximum website exposure.

Guest blogging and Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way to drive traffic to your website by writing quality content for popular blogs or websites in your niche. These blogs and websites are a sort of the ‘authority figure’ in your niche and publishing a great article on them can yield good benefits. You get more exposure to your brand. If your content is so good, readers will want to follow up on you and see other great works you are doing on your own personal blog.

You can also leave some links to your website in the guest post. The traffic of the guest post platform can become yours if your post can stir a lot of inquiries and interest.

The key is to identify your niche, identify the websites with the best domain authority (DA), inquire if they accept guest posts, read through and have a feel of the kind of articles they publish, create an article idea, write the article, send a pitch to the website depending on their submission guidelines and expect good response.

If you have gained a thorough understanding of their website, your chance of being accepted is high.

Check out the definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts.

Medium Publications

Medium is a great platform that allows writers of all sorts and from different backgrounds to publish their articles. There are many publications in Medium that have thousands and millions of followers.

Look for a publication within your niche and get familiar with the kind of articles they publish. Follow them, make comments on posts and get familiar with those in the circle. After that, create a quality content that people will be interested in and send a powerful pitch to the publication. In the post, creatively put hyperlinks to your website or blog. If your post is educative and they see you as an expert they can trust, the traffic will come

Read more on this from Ayo Awoshika

Social media share

Always share your post to your social media circle. Also, at the end of your articles, give a call to action for your readers to share on their social media timelines. To get social media visibility, join social groups and pages that are related to your niche and always share your articles with them. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a lot of people hungry for good content, prepare the dish and call them in.

The power of social media traffic is in your Headline. Okon Joseph has a beautiful document on the ultimate guide to creating powerful and catchy headlines.

Article Directories

Article directories are websites that allow writers to create a portfolio of their work by posting their articles for free. These articles are made accessible to the readers of that directory. The directories have a search engine that allows readers to search for specific articles they want to read. Article directory like EzineArticles allows you to leave a call to action after every article. This can be an opportunity to direct readers to your blog or website for more valuable content. Hubpages is also a good article directory.


Whether it is SEO or Medium or social media or Guest posting or Article directories, the key to traffic is still QUALITY CONTENT

You can have the smartest SEO experts or traffic strategy, but without quality content, the traffic will not come. If it does come, it will not convert to anything useful for your business.

This is why you need the best content for your blog or website or for your guest posting.

If you need a ghost writer that will write traffic generating content for you at affordable price, you can always rely on me.

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