Paul Owolabi
Aug 2, 2018 · 4 min read
updating my blog

Every blogger often ask the question, ‘how often should I update my blog?’ The reason for the question is so obvious. If you already have a large following, there is a need to keep up with your followers. If the blog is not yet thriving, there is the need to keep updating content that will drive the traffic.

The question of frequency is not a one dimensional question and different people have expressed their opinions. The goal of the blogger is to always find a balance between updating too much content on one hand and updating too little content on the other hand.

Too much content update can make the blog become burdensome to the reader especially if the content becomes irrelevant. Readers seem to have the ability to know when content is beneficial and when it is just keeping up with space.

Too little content update may also be a sign that the blogger does not take the readers seriously or maybe he/she has even forgotten the readers entirely.

The struggle then is to keep a balance between what is “too much” and what is “too little”. From my research and experience, the following tips are crucial to answering the question, “how often should I update my blog”


If you blog on niches that feature News stories, then the frequency of your blog will be higher than someone that blog on more of informational content. Entertainment news, celebrities’ news, gist, business news will need to feature more frequent blogs than blogs that focus on health/fitness tips or business success tips

Always seek relevance

The quality of your blog post is not in the flowery language or grammar but in its relevance to the target audience. When your readers find your blogs relevant, they will keep coming for more. Your blog should be updated as long as you have information that is relevant to your readers. Never sacrifice relevance. Interact with your readers, discover their needs and questions, and then create content that meet those needs. In that way, you will never run out of content ideas. Also, you will never update unnecessarily.

Know your readers

Some readers prefer a post that is comprehensive and has all the details at once. They don’t mind a 3000 words article that gives all the information on, let’s say, SEO tips for beginners. On the other hand, there are readers who will prefer that same information but in multiple bits of say, 1000 words. Readers are not the same and for one blog, there might be a mix of those readers. The idea is to test run the two methods to discover what your readers prefer.

This is why it is always essential to ask your readers for feedback as the conclusion to every blog

What about repetition?

Repeating content may be right or wrong depending on the motive. Merely repeating a blog with just some little tweaks or title change to keep the blog updated will hurt your readers’ confidence. But when a blog is repeated as a form of update on an earlier blog with new information, it tells your readers you have continuous interest in them. For example, if in January, you wrote an article on “SEO Tips for 2018”, updating that content in August to update readers on the tips that have stopped working and the new tips that are converting is a great plus for readers’ confidence.

Hire other writers

You can hire writers to help you with the writing task or offer your blog for guest posting. If you have a blog frequency that your readers want and can’t keep up with it, you have to outsource.

The readers of your blog are important and you must be willing to satisfy them if you want them to take favorable actions.

Whatever blogging you decide, ensure you put your readers in mind. Deliver great and profitable content that will keep them coming and convert them to buyers. Your content is your greatest marketing tool in this globalized economy. Ensure you always produce the best.

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