Modernist manifesto project

Manifesto for the Present World

The world is like a cheetah running through a dense forest.

Everything is fast. Everything is in flux. Technology dissolves boundaries better than water dissolves soap. Technology filters information better than soap filters dirt. Embrace the modern world. Do not take it for granted. It may be transient and not last. Embrace it like you would embrace a lover. Time is ticking.

Tick tock tick tock.

Embrace before it’s too late.

A sudden apocalypse sounds like a fantasy. But technology once sounded like fantasy. And now we are here.

Embrace it before it’s too late.

Embrace the world like Caravaggio embraces his paint to draw a masterpiece. Like Hitchcock embraces his camera to film a masterpiece. Like Shakespeare embraces his pen to pen a masterpiece.

Do not doubt like doubting Thomas. Embrace like embracing Caravaggio.

Smartphones are your shields and Ipads are your swords.

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