A new year began few days back, I was a bit surprised earlier today when my Principal asked me today's date and I said 5th. We are five days gone into 2022 already. A lot of institutions, organizations, companies have resumed for the year and I heard schools are resuming next week.

What should that tell you? It should tell you that people have started making and earning money in 2022 already! 😄

Are you still relaxing and enjoying the merriments that came with the just finished festive period? Get up, my dear. People have started making and earning money in 2022. In other words, festive period has ended, hustling period has come. Get up! 😄

Darling, you cannot afford to be too relaxed(lazy) this year. I know we all desire 'small work, big money', but before the small work with big money comes do the one you can find and earn something. Don't just be without doing something.

If 'corporate jobs' are not forthcoming, learn a skill this 2022. Do something that will at least meet your basic needs. Being able to meet your basic needs brings honour.👌

Yesterday, I was jokingly talking about my immediate younger sister on my WhatsApp status with several skills. She's an inspiration to even me. When she finished her Masters program about a year ago, and 'corporate job' wasn't forthcoming, she became uncomfortable staying without doing nothing, so she left home one day, and came back home with the news that she has found a place to learn baking (cakes and pastries) and she started. She hasn't given up on her job hunting, but when a 'stable job' finally comes, baking will be her side hustle. Moreover, it is the baking that is footing her bills at the moment.

Just like my sister, if 'office job' is not forthcoming, *hit the street; learn a skill!* This is 2022, you cannot afford to be too relaxed like you were in 2021.

It is not too early to start hustling, my dear. 'Detty December' has finished😄, People have started 'eating' 2022 money, get up and go grab yours.

Finally, I'm not saying you should be desperate and make money illegally, If am staying you cannot afford to be too relaxed this year, get up and do something. If what you want is not forthcoming, make do with what you can find to do. Festive season is over, it is *hustle o'clock.* May God bless everything our hands find to do. Shalom. Happy New Year!

This will be the End of this Wednesday's Edition of GIST WITH GOLD.

by Owoseni Olabisi Olawande GOLD.


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