PlatON’s Privacy-Preserving Computing Infrastructure.

This brings us to the need for users to have total control to their data and avoid access to these data from other organisations without permission, meaning that the next generation of internet will be completely decentralised and serverless.

This is where PlatON comes in, with their goal and value towards privacy-preserving computing and data exchange. PlatON is keen on preserving user data without the need for third party involvement, and this new innovation is based on recent blockchain and cryptography technology. This actively prevents the infringement of user data without their permission.

PlatON has ways to tackle the issues of scalability and privacy, the pending challenges that stare the blockchain in the face.
There are 3 tiers through which these are achieved;


Owing to the fact that scalability problems arises from tight coupling consensus, that's why PlatON has deviced a scheme to weaken intrinsic binding relationships, and radically seperate consensus from computing.

The unison of network is based on a P2P connection, and dependent solely on the decentralized blockchain technology which is made up of blockchain nodes.

On here Data, arithmetic power, and algorithm are the basis of what PlatON uses for privacy-preserving computing. The use of MCU and HE are called into play to achieve complete privacy-preserving computation of user data.

This layer involves the collaboration of AIs, and can be achieved through the use of the data and computing power of Privacy-Preserving computation, equipping and training AIs which can later be positioned on the AI network.

The input data and privacy of the computation results in PlatON’s privacy-preserving computation, are securely stored, protected, and kept locally, only available through MPC ( multi party computation) and other techniques for collaborative computation.










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