Top Rappers in Kenya

Kaligraph Jones

He took to Kenyan industry at a young age and popularly known as Yego omolo Of(original gangster)and a crowned Gaza king in Kenya .He is ranked 7th in Africa and 79 in world.Also known for his distinct flow.@kayole1960


He is one of the few rappers who can afford the converted a million plus views in KENYA hence nicknamed Essir.He is best in terms of trap and second when it comes to rap. The Kibera king and Kenya street king is also the red numberplate hit maker. He is 11 in Africa and 84 in world rankings


He is definitely the third and also Kenyans most stylish rapper.Loved by all and hated by none .He is the best when it comes to punchline.the malaika hit maker is majorly appreciated by the ladies however.

Femi One

The Tippy toe hit naker is the only female in the list but her punchline and flow must be appreciated .She definitely is the best female rapper and is loved by all.

Collins Solloh

The 18 year old rapper hails from Kondele in Kisumu town. He is well known for punchline and mastery if content. Ranked 32 in the young rappers award world 7 Africa and 1Kenya.Though young he is still appreciated by many however offers cheap shows of about 2500$ for freestyles and hit Rirtash ft raphsody.Also a former Maranda Student.