Revenge is something that I can almost guarantee everyone has wanted on something. Whether they stole your money or stole your boyfriend/girlfriend. People use the feeling of their own hurt to try to reciprocate that pain the person that wronged them. Revenge can be the only coping mechanism for someone who has suffered deep emotional pain. After a devious act of revenge, one can feel regret or remorse. On the other hand, a person can gain great satisfaction in putting another person in pain. WHY IS THAT? There are also non-violent ways of getting revenge, George Herbert says, “Living well is the best revenge.”. By this Herbert means that a way of getting revenge on someone is showing that their hurtful actions have no influence on how far you will go in life.


Even though revenge might seem like the right idea in the moment, it might come back to bite you. Chinese philosopher Confucius says, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”. By this he means that before committing an act of revenge, one should think about the personal consequences in the situation.


Why do people feel the need to reciprocate their pain?

People might need to reciprocate their pain to fill some sort of emotional void. For example, if someone was very self-conscious about and his or her weight and someone were to call him or her fat that would really hurt. That person already has the feeling of not being good enough and beats them self down enough and for someone to blatantly point it would make that person feel some type of way. Since that person had the audacity to brutally point out a person’s flaws, the obvious response to some people would to make that person feel the pain that they felt. However, in some situations that could cause some back and forth drama making the situation even worse.

Why do think people immediately use the violent form of revenge instead of the “silent” form?

By a “silent” form of revenge, I mean non-verbal retaliation just like George Herbert’s quote. Using a “silent” form of revenge is showing the person that they didn’t an impact on you. Even if they did, you could use that pain to change your lifestyle into a lifestyle of success. I think that people immediately go to the place of violent revenge because they want that person to feel the way they felt and they don’t really think about ramifications of their actions.