What is Passion and Why Don’t I Have It?

Over the past few weeks in my Theory of Knowledge class, we have been working on presentations called TED Talks. I was completely drained of topics and did not know where to turn. My teacher kept asking me what I was passionate about and that that should help lead me to the topic I was destined to do. I continued to ask myself repeatedly, “What is my passion?”, but I could not answer that question. I have many interests but I have never felt a “passion” or a strong connection to what I was doing. All of my classmates around me were finding their topics and expressing their passions while I just sat there with a blank document on my computer. Simply bored and not knowing what to do I Googled, “Why do I lack passion?” I found an article from Forbes magazine, “8 Reasons Why People Feel Lost in Their Lives”. I immensely related to the title because that is what I have been feeling lately, lost.

There were two reasons in the article that I related with and feel that it’s why I don’t have passion, they were, “Too busy for passion” and “Can’t locate a purpose”. Lately, I have felt that work and school really have consumed my life. I’ve realized that I have absolutely no time for a social life let alone to find a passion. People always ask me what I like to do in my free time but I really don’t have any. Even though doing well in school is important to me, it is also the main reason to my stress. The only thing I can really locate a purpose in is school because I know that doing well will get me into a good college. My parents put so much pressure on me so I feel if I stray from that mission and find a passion I won’t do as well as they want me to and they will be left disappointed in me. If passion is something that I have sadly had to overlook in my life because if I can’t devote myself and my time to it, then I don’t think that I deserve it.


What is passion?

According to the dictionary, passion is defined as “strong and barely controllable emotion”. As much as I would like to, I have never felt that extreme bond or uncontrollable emotion towards anything that I have done. People always say, “Petra, of course, you have a passion!” That leaves me to wonder, if the people around me see me exude this so-called “passion”, then why don’t I see it?

Why does finding passion feel so time-consuming?

I found a quote from singer Melanie Martinez that says, “Doing music is time-consuming, will drain you, and stress you out at times. But in the end, if you love doing it, and you’re putting out music you’re proud of, it will never feel like work. It’ll just feel like love.” However, I feel the complete opposite. If I was beyond stressed about finding a passion for this project and did not even succeed, it’s crazy to think how stressful it’ll be having nurturing that passion.