Blockchain music could be worth $20 billion by 2025

OX17 Future Music has carried out research into the long term value of music in the blockchain ecosystem and we have come to the conclusion that blockchain music will be worth at least $20 billion by 2025. Blockchain music will eclipse non-blockchain music by 2024 which is currently worth around $15 billion per annum (Source:

OX17 Future Music looked at current rates of revenue across all known active blockchain music streaming sites and factored in the fact that more will be created and implemented during the next 7 years. Our research was undertaken by a team of experts in economics, business, music and music culture.

Musicoin is by far the biggest blockchain music streaming platform around at the moment and we predict that it will retain a dominant position in the blockchain music sphere. Musicoin will be worth billions by 2025.

Listen to KRISG184 on Musicoin for free here: