The manifestation of kindness

-What amazes you the most about people?

- Mutual manifestation of kindness.

Have you ever visited a typical “Soviet”-style block of flats? The one which still remains authentic and keeps the atmosphere. Grey, damaged, depressive atmosphere. Five or six floors. Playground with nothing but a broken sway. Chances are, there are still carpets hanging on the wall inside the flats. Old benches and old ladies, giving their valuable opinions on everything and everyone. Every time you pass them they stare freely at you, they judge you with no idea of who you are or what you do. No matter what happens, always say “Hello” to them. Always.

I live in one. And I have carpets on the wall. Naturally, I don’t have any human interactions with anyone who lives in the building out of a simple fact: I just don’t know anyone.

There is a couple living on the same floor with me. They have a dog. And every time we bump into each other in the morning we say say “Hello” and have a small chit-chat about the weather. When they see me parallel parking next to their car — they are willing to help. I park badly, so probably that’s why. I like them.

Today I woke up from a ring, it wasn’t my alarm as always, because I came down with a cold, so I’m staying home and recovering. It was my doorbell. I opened the door, it was the lady next door. She asked if I’m fine, because they have noticed my car being parked in the yard for days and they got worried. I thanked her and explained the situation. She wished me to get well soon. I was touched. I came back to bed, but a few minutes later my doorbell rang again. I opened the door and it was the same lady again. She had a pot in his hand. She said she’s very sad seeing me alone and that no one should be alone in sickness. So she brought me chicken soup.

And if you ask me again what amazes me the most about people, I will still pick the manifestation of kindness. But not the given-and-taken one. I would pick the kindness which works one way and doesn’t expect any pay back in return. This one truly amazes me.

I finished soup. And it’s the most delicious I’ve ever had. Even boiled carrots taste great, though I hate boiled carrots.