From 2014 to 2019, it has been 5 years since the establishment of the top-level cloud mining platform OXBTC. Experienced the ups and downs of the nascent industry and witnessed two rounds of change in the bull market, OXBTC helps hundreds of thousands of users start mining from 0 to 1.

Five-year Development

Wilson — the founder of OXBTC is an early big miner, as the earliest group of people who went to Sichuan / Inner Mongolia and other places to find electricity resources, he summarized mining experience and created the earliest cloud mining in China. At the end of…

The second Wuzhen World Blockchain conference is taking place from November 8th to 9th in Wuzhen. As the most eye-catching event in the year of 2019, OXBTC won the “Most Valuable Cloud Computing Platform”.

As the largest and most grand conference of China’s blockchain industry in 2019, this conference gathered more than a hundred scholars, innovators, experts, gurus and opinion leaders from the fields of Blockchain, digital assets, AI, and 5G. People, with the theme of “application unbounded”, focus on the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues, and empower the blockchain ecological innovation and evolution.


Dear OXBTC users,

The flood season with cheap hydropower is around the corner, in order to let users enjoy lower electricity fee during flood season, our miners are moving to mining farms with cheap hydropwer. S9i contract will suspend to issue profits. So sorry for any inconvenience.

The mining outputs of BTC-S9i contract is related to miners’ actual operation. All users should bear the risk of hashrate shortage of contracts due to power outages or mining machine failures. During mining farm relocation, the miners will stop running so that there is no mining profit.

The relocation is expected to take…

Dear OXBTC users,

It’s time to mine BTC/ETH in this March. OXBTC are releasing a big sales activity with all hashrates 20% off and up to ¥2000 electricity fee giveaway. We are dedicated to helping all miners pass through bear market.

Gift 1: Enter coupon code: OXBTC03, all hashrates enjoy 20% OFF.

During activity (March 13-March 24), when you make an order and enter the coupon code: OXBTC03, you can directly enjoy 20% OFF for all hashrates.

  • S15 Contract: Original Price $60.9/T, Discount Price $50.9/T, Activity Price $41.8/T.
  • B3+ Contract: Original Price $13.50/M, Discount Price $8.10/M, Activity Price $5.9/M.


Dear OXBTC users,

Chinese New Year is around the corner. To express our gratefulness to all our customers, OXBTC is going to launch the special offer during holidays. As long as you enter the coupon code: OX2019 when making an order, 5% discount will be available for all contracts.

More Details:

Activity Time: February 1, 2019 — February 12, 2019

Please fill the coupon code: OXSD95 when you make an order. You can enjoy 5% off based on current discount price.

S15 Contract: Original Price $60.9/T, Discount Price $50.9/T, Activity Price $48.35/T.

S9i Contract: Original Price $35.9/T, Discount Price…

Dear OXBTC users,

USDT has been accepted as a payment in OXBTC, which is actually a good news for all of us. We have one more choice for payment, and USDT will save a lot of transaction fee. It is part of our effort to streamline the process and keep innovation, we want to bring all of you better service.

Payment available in OXBTC now:

BTC / LTC / ETH / USDT / Bank Transfer

Now BTC-S15 in hot sales, check here now:

OXBTC has been providing reliable cloud mining services for global 600,000 customers for 4 years! And we will continue to deliver most competitive cloud mining products and better customer services in the future.

Get first-hand information from:


Facebook: OXBTC (

Twitter: @oxbitcoin(



OXBTC Will Support the Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

Dear OXBTC users,

OXBTC would like to confirm support for the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork. As one of the node of Ethereum, we will take some measure to make sure the safety of your wallet:

Hard Fork Block Height: 7,080,000

Estimated Time: 2019/01/16

OXBTC will suspend the deposit and withdraw of Ethereum one day before the hard fork(Estimated 2019/01/15), please don’t make any transactions in those days in OXBTC. It is expected to resume the transaction in 2018/01/18, and mining income might be distributed later.

We will handle all technical…

Dear OXBTC users,

Happy New Year! In order to feedback all users’ support and trust in 2018, now you can get any contract on OXBTC with the lowest price, including S15 contract based on 7nm Antminer S15.

The countdown for end of activity is only 7 days, click here to know more.

S15 cloud mining contract has satisfied many user’s needs in the bear market with lower power consumption and higher mining profits. And the mining service will run for 5 years even in cases where your daily mining output falls below the maintenance fees.

The hashrate discount activity will…

In order to feedback all users’ support and trust, OXBTC will hold a hashrate discount activity during Christmas and New Year holidays. (From Dec. 21, 2018 to Jan. 5, 2019) You can enjoy 5% off for any contract based on current discount price with promo code:OXSD95 . Each one of top 5 users for purchase can even get $255 S15 hashrate reward.

Order Now:

1. 5% Off for Total Purchase

Please fill the coupon code: OXSD95 when you make an order. You can enjoy 5% off based on current discount price.

S15 Contract: Original Price $60.9/T, Discount Price $50.9/T, Activity Price $48.35/T.

S9i Contract: Original…

The year of 2018 is coming to an end, and so many things have happened around this year.

It is a great honor to be hand on and witness to a bright new beginning for cryptocurrency. Nowadays the whole network difficulty droped by 9.56%, which means in the next two weeks our miners can earn higher mining income. It is absolutely a good news for all of us in such a bear market! We should move on and wish a better new era for cryptocurrency! OXBTC has experienced many big events this year, and let us take a brief look:

Annual Story Reward


OXBTC( is a TOP Level Cloud Mining Platform with 4 Year’s Stable Operation with Million Users.

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