Packaging and Branding

This is a visual process were companies and individuals are navigated towards product choices with the ultimate aim, buying. The youth of today are increasingly geared towards self service and probable consumers must be aware and indeed recognise your brand from all the other competition.

“Remember the eyes are the buyer and the mood parts with the money”

To differentiate your brand from other competing products your marketing goal is to distinguish what you stand for and this can come in the form of a logo, name and even colour as influencers of choice.

In parallel with this, the brand has to be acceptable and offer value for money and at the same time foster brand loyalty with your target audience.

In developing a fluid brand identity the products packaging should also feature in and be consistent in the advertising channels. The power of association, closeness or comfort has to be prominent and yet subtle. This can come via lettering, shapes, size and colours that stimulate the unconsciousness.

“Reflective and persuasive messaging”

A key element in branding is reputation and the PR activity that has been developed around these areas. If you have done your job correctly the potential customers will come beating at your door and the point-of-sales material together with on the ball merchandising will shepherd your buyer’s right to the display either by physical location or online.

The buying stage or decision to purchase is the desired conversion process and if all the marketing mix activities are effective; there is a better chance of repeat sales through automatic recognition — establishing brand loyalty. It’s a strange old thing brand loyalty, once it has been achieved the price takes a back seat and habit overtakes.