Unpacking Solaborate HELLO

Last week we got our #Hello devices from Solaborate and we are thrilled to start testing them out and see if these devices will be suitable for our needs.

With 2 different locations, one in Oslo (Norway) and the other one in Prishtina (Kosovo), we needed a better collaboration tool, Skype did not always cover our needs.

We where sold when we first saw Solaborate HELLO on Kickstarter, and ordered a set of 2 right away.

The team behind has done a remarkable job designing the product. Packing is slick and gives the device that premium feeling it deserves.

The package contains the following: 
- 1x HDMI cable.
- 1x Remote Controller.
- 1x USB Receiver Adapter for Remote Controller. 
- And the device itself.

Additionally a simple setup guide is included as well.

The device looks and feels solid. Its easy to attach on your monitor/TV.

Setting it up is dumb simple, all you have to do is to create an account in Solaborate, download their app and start the setup wizard for your Hello device.

#Hello is integrated with different apps, such as Skype, Hangout, Zoom etc.

That’s all for now, with time I may write another post and do a complete review of the device and its functions.

If you are interested in buying one please visit their store at https://store.solaborate.com

Happy #Hellooooooooing

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