Hello Ferrum Community,

We recently launched our bridge between the FRM ERC20 and BEP2 tokens. In this article, we discuss our architecture and security considerations behind this tool.

One important thing to note here is that our token bridge is not the only one on the Internet. Other projects have also created a token bridge between chains. One of the reasons we choose to write our own bridge has to do with security, and the other has to do with customization and consistency across our product line. …

The Purpose of this post is to provide a data driven method based on the ‘nearest neighbors method’, to estimate the value of blockchain projects, specifically projects that are developing a decentralized exchange.

Disclaimer: I am the CEO of the Ferrum Network — an interchain network with a decentralized exchange. …

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Hello Community, we have a lot of exciting updates to bring to you. Since our unveiling in Consensus NYC in march 2018, the Ferrum Team has been hard at work at developing the tech for the product. Below are the development updates.


The Ferrum Beta Wallet is finally a reality. The Ferrum Wallet enables a user to trade in any crypto assets regardless of chain. “The Ferrum Wallet is a game-changer in the world of crypto, the ability to trade any assets with super low fees and lightning quick transactions will revolutionize the industry” says Naeim Yeganeh PhD and founder of Ferrum Network. The Ferrum beta wallet currently supports FRM tokens, BTC, ETH, True USD, Gemini Dollar, and XRP. …

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