Comedy and an Angry Concert at the Same Time, a Proposal

Yes, it will happen, and it will be glorious. And, it probably has been done before but not on a scale that would cause a movement. Now is the time to make it mainstream. But it needs some guidelines so it will be the most effective exhortation of emotion a single evening could have.

People are angry and confused, to say the least, with no remedy in sight. They want to scream, and, at the same time, fit some of their logic to how they understand their world. Should these two be discrete? I say no. They both achieve the same goal, catharsis, in two different ways. One is through irony and wit. The other through brute sonorous sensory overload. Put those two together, and who knows what will happen? Here are a few scenarios.

Entitled Angry Comedy, the stage consists of a famous band or performer and an unfiltered wry comedian. In one case a shared stage presenting Ron White and Rage Against the Machine together. Another case would have Hannibal Buress and Kanye West together. The stage must be loud and provocative. Less angry performers like Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars would work better with TED talks. More on that later.

I foresee going into the venue on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night. The crowd is in quite a sour mood and are ready to vent. This is the ideal atmosphere for what I am proposing. Then the music starts. It’s angry. It’s loud. Their lust for it is insatiable. They sweat from all the fire from the stage. This will go on for about 30 minutes as the crowd finishes their third beer, wine or shot of Fireball.

Then the cerebral side of the stage comes to life, making sense of this new chapter of our mad world. The band keeps playing though low-key. What will they say? Who knows? They’re the comedians. Perhaps, the rappers and musicians can join in on the act. Some graphics/video behind them will give the night a John-Oliver on an acid trip or a Daily Sho-Shizzle type of vibe. Whatever is used, it should unleash that trapped energy yearning to break free.

I would pay money to see this given a try, and I’m sure 24,999 or so would join me. Again, it has to have been tried before in an amateur or low-publicity setting without catching on mainstream. Whatever anyone thinks about the last 15+ years of America’s course, this country needs the stimulation that angry humor can deliver.

If only Sam Kinison were still around to show us the way….