Are they human?

No, not this one, this is a meter…

…this one, this is a Meeter (with two “e”s).

A Meeter for OXWAY is someone who participates to a crowd meeting through our platform. A Meeter is not only the one who submits a proposal to a challenge , a Meeter is the one who contributes to a meeting with careful votes, comments, opinions, critiques and passion. Every meeter is as functional to the outcome of a challenge as the the person who submits an initial proposal, because it is the meeter who will help shaping the final version, which will be evaluated by the Challenger (i.e. the person or entity asking the crowd for a solution or an opinion). The Meeter’s individual contribution to the outcome will, by definition, be lost in the multitude but fear not that her hard work won’t get lost in cyberspace, it will rather be captured by our clever algorithm (the CMT®), and rewarded according to the intensity of the effort put, the passion. The Meeter is the pillar of our Crowd Meeting Technology.

As the CMT strives to reward out of the box thinking, anyone can be a meeter. YOU can be a Meeter, although you might not be an expert on a certain field, pertinent to the challenge proposed by the Challenger, but you happen to have a reasoned opinion. Voice it. We need it and will reward that behaviour.

Good luck to all of our Meeters.


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