It’s all very nice and fun but tell me better: how does it work?

It’s a very typical question we get asked.

Here at oxway we think we can manage in a constructive way crowd meetings, even better, we think this is the real difference between crowd sourcing (more like listing!) and a real procedure that extract the wisdom of crowds.

For us, this is the core of what we do and we like it to call it Crowd Meeting Technology® (CMT®).

We are still playing around a bit with the formula but we have very clear the fact that we want to avoid at all costs the issues that typically affect meetings, where the same issues would just exponentially grow with the number of people participating.

What are our cornerstones ?
Diversity of opinion

Imagine a ‘room’ full of motivated people, each of them bringing to the table their own diversity of opinions, experiences and passions.
Now enable the same group to express themselves free from any peer pressure of any kind. Focused only on the task of trying to give their best judgment to the issue. Like, for just this moment, in a separate ‘room’.
Imagine now to aggregate little by little the best pieces of advice collected during this process, using the same people as key drivers of the process. Incentivised and always protected (maybe nudged a little bit?) by negative interferences.

We all instinctually know that a well diversified group of people would come out, most of the time, with very good ideas and solutions if they just had the right environment.

We all have friends of different background that we would love to consult when running a specific problem.

Why then not use our under-utilised surplus of knowledge that we all have and make a new market place for people with many different backgrounds?

Powerful ideas from many!


OXWAY co-founder