First mistake

This is the first time. These were the first words. Those were the first sentences. I wanted to write, and allow myself to fall, to learn, to grow. I wanted to be able to express what others can’t express. Here I am trying, I hope I will look at this text years from now, and be grateful that I did it. If someone ever reads this, then we will be connected to each other in some way or another. In neuroscience, there are a lot of studies about cells that are a mirror for other cells. Hence, when we both say the same word, express the same idea, and think of each other. This fascination about how wonderful life is, the symmetry of the Universe, the wanders of the quantum world, are being hackneyed. Our insatiability is killing the stupefaction, we surrender to hedonic adaptation. Yet we still crave new ideas and states of consciousness, because we want to change our reality. If we could get rid of the fears and doubts that we learned from the conditioning process of the extrinsic world, in our childhood, we could be free. As you may know, if there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside can do us no harm, and so this quest for accordance and acquirement of a firmer grip upon our soul and impulses is unifying us. And this text is bullshit. I’m done.

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