A Letter to Myself: Transitioning to Adulthood

Dear Jenika,

Congratulations. You just graduated on time and immediately got hired! Now you have 3 fulfilling jobs and is well compensated. I can still remember the uncertainty that runs in your mind a year ago. You were very close to giving up and I’m glad you didn’t. Well, as if you have choice. HAHAHA. But now look, everything fell into place Love. Right now I understand that you are facing a different dilemma. You are slowly adjusting and transitioning into adulthood and I know that learning the ropes through it could be very very difficult. It requires a lot from you. You are expected to deliver. The responsibilities are heavier and it does not only affect you or the immediate people around you. I know you are stressed. I know you are thinking that it would be best to give up and pursue another career. However, please do always remember that you have been dreaming to be where you are now a few years ago. YES JENIKA, YOU ARE CURRENTLY LIVING THE DREAM. Although it isn’t as fabulous and easy that you once thought of, but heck, you hit a milestone. No scratch that, you even got better Jen. Now this is the difficult part because newsflash, everything is going to be draining and difficult but oh so worth it. What will you do the keep up and nurture what you have right now? What will you do to continue what you started? Are you gonna let anxiety and all the negative emotions get into you? Please don’t Love. Just please don’t. You are tougher and better than that. I know you can do this. Just be kind and patient with yourself. Respect the adjustment process and grow throughout the journey. Along the way you will make mistakes. Learn from it graciously. That will serve as your ammunition. As for now, go make your paperworks and plan your discussion. You will be thankful for planning ahead.

Much Love,

Jenika ❤️