We are all working through something.

I read once that to begin writing, you really ought to stop trying to appeal to a “target audience”. I’m here to hurdle that obstacle. Please bear with me. I have a tendency to delete everything I write, so if anyone ever reads these words, it will be a miracle. We are taught from a young age to be motivated by criticism, from the moment our mothers guide us with praise, to the moment we turn in a painstakingly written essay with all our hopes resting on seeing that sought after top letter grade, to the moment we start noticing the opposite gender and taking note on what they seem to like in a potential mate… My point is, even if you say you “don’t care what others think about you”, generally speaking, that’s not the case. It has been a recent resolution of mine to just, put myself out there. The raw, awkward, more comfortable with cats than humans, Aerin that I am. I’m growing, I’m learning. Please do critique me. I can handle it.

…to be continued.

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