Andela Bootcamp: Day 7

It was another interesting day at the Andela Fellow Class XIII bootcamp. The day started of with a lengthy discussion on web request/response cycle. The discussion centered on the concept of message exchange mechanism between computers. A system may pass certain requests to another computer using some set of commands. The receiving system will then respond to that system based on the request it receives.

In addition, there were also discussion on HTTP Status code which indicate the status of a certain request. While HTTP status code from 200–299 indicate success, those from 300–400 indicate failures. Other HTTP status codes also have their respective meaning.

The concept of the Model View Controller(MVC) was also looked at. The MVC is a framework for designing web applications and consist of the following components: The Model, The View and The Controller. The model captures the behavior of the application. The View shows the output representation of information. The Controller accepts input from the user and connect to the model or view.

There was also a discussion on Agile model. The agile model us not a process. It is a philosophy or set of values. Agile favours interaction, working software over comprehensive documentation and customer collaboration over contract negotiation. There are many process tools in agile but an example of a light-weight Agile process tool is Agile.

Finally, the training facilitator (Mr. Ikem) talked about the use of the trello board to track project. The talk centered on the use of the Icebox, Backlog, Current and Completed section on a trello board. The icebox contains a list of sub-project to be done while the backlog contains a list of sub-projects that are ready to be executed. The current contains a list of sub-projects currently being worked upon. The completed section contains the sub-projects that has already being completed.

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